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Juvent Sports - Featured in Golf Digest's Hot List

Juvent's Micro-Impact Platform is a key element that allows athletes to train harder and recover faster.



Feel Better, Perform Better
Safe, Effective, Drug Free

With just 3 sessions per week
Juvent Pro users have reported...

Improved muscle recovery

Improved bone health

Improved circulation

Improved balance & stability

Less joint pain

Less muscle pain

Less arthritis pain

Less lower limb edema

Juvent Pro provides your bones with
the critical micro-impact stimulation they require

Easy & Quick

  • Step on Platform
  • 20 minute session
  • Feel the results

It's that simple.

Via its proprietary
computer, the
Juvent Pro
calibrates based on
each individual's
body composition.

Juvent Micro-Impact Platform
Power & Balance

Start feeling relief today...
Juvent's NO RISK 6 Week MONEY BACK Guarantee**

The safest and most clinically
approved micro-impact platform
in the world

U.S. $3,495

Your body and mind will thank you.
Now only $995 down and $99 per month.
*all you need is a major credit card for this option.
**minus actual S/H

Call 877.758.8368
about our 28 month
payment plan*